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4th fail post

HI new maintainer here! This gif is one of my favorite. Enjoy the dubuness...
I'm sorry if it's small..XD

A cut from StarKing <3333


3rd fail post

I'm so sorry I haven't updated for a while m(_ _)m
anyway, again given by temptationwire  in some random Y!M conference, if I my memory serves me right.

help me pimp this comm, please? I'll send you virtual cookies if you do! thanks! ♥


2nd fail post

It's 13th of July where I am so, that means o-new Onew condition should be posted! (OMG I'm so sorry I fail at making puns >_< do you get it? no? sry I fail >_<)

this was given to me by temptationwire  as a gift. (ILY ♥)
still looking for media contributions! please share 'em here: --->click!<---


media sharing

Hallo thur~

As this community is still starting as it is, we the mods are on a hunt for more media that showcases the Onew condition. Whatever they may be: videos, GIFs, pictures, macros. As long as they show our Dubu Leader's adorable little failures in life, they would be accepted.

Just make sure to add the source if they're not yours ^-^

Comments would be screened xD
please do leave a comment if you have something to share ♥

Affiliate application

Hallo thur~

This post is for those who want to affiliate with this community.
Anyone who wants to is welcome to apply for affiliation, especially those who have something to do with KPop, SHINee, SM Town, and Onew~ ^_^ 


list of afFAILiates under the cut XDCollapse )


1st fail post ++mod post#1

welcome to failonewaday!

a community specially made for the worship celebration of the failure that our SHINee leader is ♥
this is not as limited as a-picture-a-day community. any kind of media that showcases Onew condition in any way is welcome to be posted.

if you have any media that you want to share to this comm, please leave a comment here: --->click<---
if you want to apply as an affiliate, redirect yourself here: --->click<---

and to start off, I bring you our Almighty Kim Keybum, explaining what the heck Onew condition is...
(at the end of the 1st video to the beginning of the 2nd)

source: 1 2